It is an undeniable conclusion, that for decades, numerous talented students from the Adventist community in France, struggle to complete their studies; sometimes from elementary classes, due to lack of financial resources as well as stimulations for self-surpassing. De facto, difficulties and obstacles predispose even the most resolute young minds who dare to engage in graduate studies, to not complete them, while some dare not consider taking such paths.

Anxious to reverse this trend that disproportionately affects certain minorities, and willing to infuse the taste of studies and of an ideal of excellence- to serve-, “Shanna SDA Education” was officially born March 3, 2015.

Nobody can educate himself or herself alone and for good reason; education intrinsically requires assistance and a third party cooperation. However, no matter what some may say, in public or private school system, education cost! And, besides the sad observation that we can count Adventist school within the Outre-Mer and within the Metropole on the fingers of one hand, study in such institutions, even in middle and high school, is challenging and remains a luxury that many home can barely afford.

The organization, whose economic activity, is of an essentially philanthropic vocation, is willing to promote seventh day Adventist education and career success through scholarships or aid, students wishing to enroll in Adventist schools, may these institutions be located on French territory or abroad.

Thus it offers :

  • To consider the applications – with a particular care to the students coming from underprivileged homes and social environments
  • To also consider the applications on the criterion of the academic merit.
  • To revitalize the social and professional fabric, in particular encouraging young people who are at odds with society to go back school to complete successfully a life project.
  • To support, to the extent possible, institutions in projects aiming at the betterment of the quality of education, and of the conditions of school life.